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Abandoned Little One (G/t RP)
A family of three lived in the woods all by themselves. They had a little child who was a young baby named Sophia. For about 5 months they family lived in peace. Until one day giants came through the forest and the parents abandoned the house and the child. They did that so no one would hunt her down and they ran far away but were soon captured and eaten. The house went quiet with the poor baby girl stuck in her attic room all by herself.
You are a giant/giantess who is 500ft tall (or taller). You come into the woods one day to go on a stroll and you soon hear with your great hearing a voice so quiet. You follow the voice and end up meeting the tiny house. The mysterious noise was coming from around that area. You lower yourself way down and peek your massive eye in to see a tiny baby girl staring back at you.
For this rp in anyway you want you can take the child back to your home and raise it. In the rp the child can slowly grow up through the years. Or it can start with the baby and
:iconsophianightingale:SophiaNightingale 5 83
You okay? (G/T RP)
Wanted to do an roleplay with Evan so here's the starter. Just make sure to follow the rules and have fun!
Evan sighed as he stuck a cigarette into his mouth and lighted it. He walked through the forest and stopped when he thought he heard faint crying. He squatted down right in front of a bush and pushed it back and his eyes widened as he saw a human/tiny girl/boy. He nervously pulled back as he was a tower 230 ft titan. He didn't want to scare her so he moved the bushes back into place and sat down. When he was out of view he said in a gentle deep voice. "Are you okay?" He made sure he couldn't been seen yet as she didn't want to scare the small creature.
:iconsophianightingale:SophiaNightingale 1 863
OC Evan :iconsophianightingale:SophiaNightingale 8 1
Pen Pals for Life (G/T RP)
This is Earth. A world that has been filled with humans and giants for as long as man can track back. In the beginning though, it was a predator vs. prey as humans fought and hide to survive from their big neighbors. Humans lived in fear of the giants as they started to take over everything. Humans had really no say in their lives and we’re treated as pets or just quick meals. After a long time of living under the giant’s rules, humanity fought back. A great war a rose and caused the world to be consumed by it. It lasted a long 5000 years and finally there was a winner. It was surprising the humans who were nimble and easily tricked the giants and won their freedom. They also decided to not punish the giants and made a treaty for both to rule over the world together. The giants agreed to the terms the humans had and vice versa. So, once the treaty was fully signed, humans came out from the shadows they had been hiding in. They rejoiced to the news and celebrated that their
:iconsophianightingale:SophiaNightingale 4 285
Shrinking (G/T RP)
I thought maybe I'd want to do a shrinking rp. we go.
We are (siblings, boyfriend/girlfriend or friends) and we always do everything together. One day, you have to go out of town for a few days. I was upset that you had to leave and begged if there was a way I come with you. You leave and I'm left all alone. I'm so sad that I go out and I go to some weird store. I walk through the store and I find a random box. I go to pick it up and something stings me. I then hold my hand in pain and run back home. I examine my hand and a little mark is left in a shape of a S. I then don't think about it as I just wanted to see you. Little did I know that I would start shrinking soon So...after those to days you come back and....
First off how small will I be and how fast
a. immediately small (2-5inches)
b. gradually shrink everyday (shrinks to 2-5inches slowly)
c. shrinks every few days
d. shrinks quickly everyday
e. your choice
Plot lines:
1. If you choose B,C,D: I come meet you and tackl
:iconsophianightingale:SophiaNightingale 1 729
OC Sophia :iconsophianightingale:SophiaNightingale 5 22
A human? (G/T RP)
In this world humans were a rare species to find. Some believed that they went extinct centuries ago. So the main races that lived were fairies. I was a fairy who worked as a reporter. We lived in a small area that was guarded by a strong barrier. So no other creatures could get in. One day, we get a report that something got in the barrier. No one knew exactly what it was, so they sent me to go and investigate. They warned me to stay alert and make no contact with the creature. So...I flew out to find what it was.
For this rp, my character will be 3inches tall. I will allow the human to be 5ft at the shortest up to 8ft or 9ft. Please describe your character and how they will behave. Also, remember to be surprised if you do see the fairy. They are rare to your eyes.
+18 can be done in notes (opening will be your character nude for the first part)
No vore please. I am not a fan of it so please don't. I can handle other things just not vore.
No switching!
Normal rules in other rps.
:iconsophianightingale:SophiaNightingale 3 144
God/Goddess (G/T RP)
are an almighty god or goddess who has been exploring the worlds throughout the universe. Then through your travels, you decide to stop at a planet filled with minuscule beings (aka Earth) You then decide to...
A. Become a human and walk among them.
B. Enslave the world.
C. Decide to protect them.
D. Make yourself "play" with the people. (+18)
E. Find a special human for you to be with.
This is short and sweet, and I like it. Please enjoy and rp. Please describe your personality and how you're gonna treat the humans. Also, you can be either
A. 30ft-100ft
B. 1000ft-10000ft
C. 10miles- 100miles
D. Galactic Size
-Don't comment/reply twice. You're not the only one I'm roleplaying with.
-Please say what your character looks like
-This can be a romance if wanted
-Your character will be a giant of course
- At least more than three lines for comment.
- Either first or third person.
-It may be +13 or if wanted =18
-No vore at all, please!
-We can rp directly on the comment or in notes, y
:iconsophianightingale:SophiaNightingale 5 308
Physicmetal Alchemist (Chapter 2)
Ed runs through town looking around to see windows shielded and doors firmly locked.
“Damn!” He thinks to himself as he continues to look around. “This thief has gotten everyone locked up in their homes.”
“Hey brother look there!” Al nudges his brother and points to a figure on a rooftop. The figure wears a black cloak but a tiny bit of a purple jacket can be seen.
“There it is the thief!” Al says as Ed already has his hands on the floor using alchemy. The ground rumbles and two giant hands made of concrete lunge at the figure. Before they get too close the figure quickly dodges both the hands. The hands smash into each other and crumble to the ground.
“Damn it’s fast!” Edward yells with excitement as he touches his right hand. By using his left hand, he does alchemy on the right hand. His white glove rips as a sword point appears on his right hand. The figure makes a bit of a shriek seeing the hand.
“Yeah be scare
:iconsophianightingale:SophiaNightingale 0 0
The Beanstalk and I (G/T RP)
You were the giant/giantess who lived in a giant castle in the clouds. Your floating castle towered over a small village. It blocked out the sun, which made the village sad and gloomy. You were rich and had everything you've ever wanted. I was a poor stable girl, who lived with her horses and father. One day he sends me out to town with the little money to get some new supplies. I go into town, and I meet a man who is selling beans. No one comes up to him and ignores him. So, I decide to go up to him, and I give him the money for the beans. I then rush home to show my father of what I got. He ends up getting mad at me and beats me till one eye is all black, and I have bruises everywhere. He goes to the garden and plants the useless seeds by the house. He then sends me to bed with no supper. I go to sleep and cry in the night. The next morning I wake up and a giant beanstalk. I couldn't believe my eye.So, I quickly got dressed and climbed the beanstalk. I had a small dagger and climbed
:iconsophianightingale:SophiaNightingale 3 683
Best Friends (G/T RP)
You and I have been friends for years. We have grown up in a busy city full of many locations. We live in the same apartment building and always end up hanging out into the late hours of the night. We have always been in the same school and the same classes. It made it easier for us to get along and be together. It's our third year of high school and boy has it been busy. We haven't seen each other in awhile. I've been busy with studying and getting ready for our senior year. I felt bad, so I decided to drop by your apartment to see if you wanted to study. I arrive and knock on the door to be greeted my your mom telling me you haven't been home or have gone to school in about two months. So, I grab my bike and get out of the city and head to the forest. We use to have a hideout by a little lake, so I thought that might be the best place to find you. When I get close to the appear (in any way you choose).
You somehow two months ago wandered out into the forest angry at me ign
:iconsophianightingale:SophiaNightingale 4 782
The Physicmetal Alchemist (Chapter 1)
"Brother wake up we’re about to pull into the station.” Al gently shakes his brother. His red aura eyes look down to see that his brother is still asleep. Al sighs as the train screeches to a complete halt in the station. As the whistle roars, Ed opens one eye to look around with. He shoots both eyes open as he realizes Al is not there. He jumps up to his feet and screams.
“Dang it Al!!!!!!!!!!” He runs through the aisles grasping his red jacket in one hand. Soon before the train is about to leave, he jumps out the exit. As the train moves again he looks back as the wind blows through his golden hair. He uses an arm to shade his face from the bright sun. His braid flows quietly with grace and his eyes shimmer in the light. He then sighs and heads off to exit the station. As he finds on the other side waiting for him, a big suit of armor sits on a bench and as Ed got close the armor moves. It got up and turns around to face him, the red aura eyes look straight at
:iconsophianightingale:SophiaNightingale 2 0
Princess Dancealina (A Princess Tutu Fanfic)
Chapter 1: Prologue
"No please don’t, please no!” I wake up and sit up. I have my pillow covering my ears, and I am shaking. “Wa-was that a dream?” I rub my eyes and get out of bed. I am wearing a light purple nightgown and a purple pendant. My blonde hair is all a mess and my brown eyes shimmer. “Well, it must have been a dream because I’m not me.” I run over to my drawers and open up the bottom. I pull clothes out tossing them into the air.
“Come on where is it?!?” I throw some more clothes out before stopping. I carefully pick up a uniform dress and put it on. I head to a small desk by my bed and look in the mirror. I fix the pendant that is around my neck and smile. I start to brush out my hair till it’s ready. I grab a pony and put it up into a ponytail. I smile as I grab my dance bag and rush out of my dorm. I run past the girl’s dorm as they start to wake up. I head down the flight of stairs and exit the building.
:iconsophianightingale:SophiaNightingale 0 0
Cuteness (G/T) :iconsophianightingale:SophiaNightingale 7 11


Bringer of Eternity
AU: Brothers Apart
Timeline: During The Schism of Fire and Water, before Sam finds her in the kitchen
Ilyana let her hands brush restlessly against her arms, the hot skin cooled rapidly by the falling temperature in the cold air of earth.
She suppressed a shiver, refusing to show fear as she waited in her place for the small hunter to come find her. The p
:iconnightmares06:nightmares06 2 2
The Flockalypse :iconfriendlyfoxpal:Friendlyfoxpal 45 3 Angry Mob :iconfriendlyfoxpal:Friendlyfoxpal 56 23
The Start Of Something New : Part 2
To say that it was easy living with Martin would have to be a total lie.
Rusu would wake up many times in the evening shivering and screaming as nightmares plagued her of her time in the human pet store and the days where giants had taken over.
Her worst fears revolved around giants, but yet she was living with one.
One she knew internally wouldn’t harm her or ever let anything happen to her, but that didn’t take away the trepidation and the fear that came with living with on of your greatest fears.
She loved Martin of course no question about it, but he could come off as intimidating and terrifying at times he would never mean to.
Such simple actions of everyday life terrified Rusu endlessly, but she tried her best to push it away and soldier on like she did the day she came to his home.
One cannot say she was the best at holding her own that day but she certainly did far better than most tiny humans around giants.
That day she had managed to focus on the love and comfort
:iconjackthegiantsaver:JackTheGiantSaver 2 0
The Study of the Four 15
Dean had a very poignant glare reserved for Sherlock at being put on the spot, and he stared at the phone like it was a poisonous snake, very much cornered into helping. Thanks for your discrecion, he thought snippily up at Sherlock, praying he hadn’t made a very large mistake by agreeing to help the detective. If anyone ever wanted to meet ‘Mr. Winchester,’ they would be sorely disappointed.
Sounds like she had a pretty sweet set-up,” he said, this time speaking loud enough for the phone’s speaker to pick up his much softer-voice, and only able to hope that St. Simon would miss the importance of that fact. He paced along the table, giving Sherlock a wide berth while staring down at the photographs for a better look.
“If she was so excited for the wedding just the other day,” Dean said, thinking aloud so he could go through the facts for a closer look, much like he might use Sam to bounce ideas off of, “
:iconnightmares06:nightmares06 12 10
Jake and Samantha: Birthday Party (G/t)
"JAKE!" Samantha's voice nearly squeaked when she saw him, her heart fluttering she ran up to the side of the house, staring up. "Hey sweetie. Mind if I join the party?" He let out a small chuckle so deep that it shook her insides a bit, with her motioning him to come over he stepped around the side of the house.
Cutting through the side yard, he watched to make sure he didn't step on the cute picket fence, he carefully planted his sneaker down into the backyard which resulted in a gentle FWUMP, causing her cousins to stare in awe at the colossus before them.
Heather just chuckled, "Come on in Jake, plenty of room. Here, got a nice spot for you." She directed him to the small wooded area that bordered their backyard. A thick oak tree stood in the middle as he sit in front of it to support him, before them a 25 foot behemoth sit cross legged, his tight black shirt showed off his defined upper body while the silky black shorts that barely contained his legs ruffled in the breeze,
:iconjj36008:JJ36008 6 2
Night of the prom :iconsuogandjinn:SuoGanDjinn 35 5 Bella Notte :iconsuogandjinn:SuoGanDjinn 14 12
Dwindling Time || Thirteen
Mountains of fresh, damp soil were piled around the gnarled tree. Cliff had been toiling for nearly an hour, with little to show for it other than the sweat bleeding through his t-shirt. 
Sylvia stole another look at Felix out of the corner of her eye. While she was glad to be free of the bottle, the leather jacket Cliff had draped over them protectively did little to muffle his movements. The ground quaked violently as Cliff worked, igniting a tingling sense of danger she couldn't shake off. But Felix didn't look scared. He looked hypnotized. 
"Won't your mother be out looking for you soon?" Sylvia whispered. 
"I left my new pendant under my pillow," Felix replied, not looking away. "Far as she knows, I'm still in bed."
"You really think that's going to work?"
He shrugged. "Guess we'll see." 
Threading her fingers anxiously, Sylvia tried not to be discouraged by the sound of another hill of dirt being added to the mountain. She felt like they were looking through t
:iconobsess-confess:Obsess-Confess 10 13
a poor girl's dream :icondonnyanne:DonnyAnne 9 1
A Dark and Stormy Night
Sylvia swallowed a whimper as yet another a booming crash rattled the walls of the room. Curling tighter, she buried her head into the massive pillow serving as her bed. Covering her ears was not enough to ward off the roar of the storm.
By the stars, how can they sleep through this?
Peeking out enviously from the indent her body created on the pillow, she eyed Jon's sleeping form--at least, what she could see from so close. His hair obscured half his face. Most of his body disappeared under the expanse of the white sheets, but one arm was visible over top, his hand resting on his chest while it rose and fell in time each peaceful breath.
Some absurd part of her wondered if his hand would be enough to muffle the intrusive thunder. She laid that thought to rest swiftly, guilty at the mere thought of disturbing his rest.
All she could do was stare by the glow of the moving-picture box that the hunters had forgotten to switch off before bed. TV, she remembered it being calle
:iconkimstaticchild:kimstaticchild 11 13
Link :iconfriendlyfoxpal:Friendlyfoxpal 49 13 Bunny Hugs :iconfriendlyfoxpal:Friendlyfoxpal 61 16
The big fall RP
This RP is based around a normal life being interrupted as a giant lands on your city in some way!
Scenarios (Pick a number AND a letter):
1) A giant trips and falls onto your town.
2) A giant steps on your town
3) A giant sits on your town
A) The massive body of the world's empress is nowhere to be found after the big fall. You manage to find her, but she's shrunken to human size!
B) Your neighborhood is one of the few survivors, the houses mostly intact. In addition, someone who lives with you now has some tiny wreckage stuck to her pajamas...
C) "OH DANG, I DIDN'T CRUSH YA, DID I?" booms a massive voice as the giant crouches over the city, squinting her eyes to try to spot you in particular...
-No 18+
-This is a rather simple RP, so don't expect major twists or anything, haha~
:iconthegiantannie:TheGiantAnnie 2 126
Thorns (G/t) Chapter 8
Filled with disturbance, I turned away from the mirror, from that bruised, beat up girl that wasn't me, and instead towards the sink. Suddenly, no part of me felt comfortable taking off all my clothes with my own captor in the same room.  Underwear could dry fast enough, and it might actually be beneficial to get them clean while I'm at it. Who knew how long it'd be till I'd have another pair…
Dipping one foot in the water, I heard quiet, rhythmic humming coming from the shower, vibrating deep in my chest. I ignored it and sighed as the warm water melted off the ache and pain, and instantly plopped down onto the counter, both my legs now completely immersed in the bubbles. With a deep breath, I dipped myself in the hot soapy goodness, smiling as the water washed over my face and through my hair. Taking another deep breath, I flipped myself completely under the water, opening my eyes to the light blue water swirling in bubbles and wincing slightly at the sting. Memories of su
:iconhoshirozu:hoshirozu 28 28
Running Cpt. 2
Despite the unusualness of what just occurred, I found the motion of his running really relaxing. In fact, I was on the verge of sleep when he finally stopped, having run through the middle of nowhere for a while now. Sitting up I yawned, rubbing my eyes and looking around. Yep, middle of f'in nowhere. Swell. "What are we doing here?" I asked, peering over the edge of his hands to look at the ground waaay below.
As if nervous I would fall over, he curled up his fingers slightly. "I'm about to go back to my world," he said hesitantly. "This is your last chance, are you sure you want to come with me?" He seemed really anxious, and for the first time I actually stopped and thought for a moment. What on earth was I doing? Stuff like this just didn't happen every day, at least not in my experience it didn't. Yet here I was, considering going to another world with a giant. I had made my decision so quickly, the reality of it really hadn't sunk in yet.
Still…the more I thought about it,
:iconlaescritora:LaEscritora 18 6



I'm thinking of making an rp based on a little giant/giantess mistaking a human as a toy. Or a human girl is forced to marry a giant prince to reunite the kingdoms. Opinions?
Anyone still alive? It's so quiet today on DA.
All old rp partners stop rping with ya and you feel empty inside.


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